Recommended reads by Black women

Recommended reads by Black women

2/12/21 1:00 PM

History has shown us time and time again that Black women are the unsung heroes. During Black History Month, we challenge you to only read books written by Black women. Check out some of the reads recommended by Black women and written by Black women. You can purchase these books from Black-owned bookstores which we’ve linked at the end. 

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Jen Psaki

The ABCs of Executive Office

1/15/21 12:00 PM

As President Biden nominates people to numerous positions, you might be wondering what those positions even mean. With Inauguration Day fast approaching, you’ll probably be hearing more about Press Secretaries and Senior Advisors. Keep reading to learn more about what these White House positions and offices are responsible for. 

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Creating your personal and political to-do list

How to create your personal and political to-do list for 2021

12/17/20 2:25 PM

As we wrap up an unprecedented 2020 and get ready for the new year, you’re probably thinking about what you want to accomplish in 2021, both personally and politically. So we’re here to help! Keep reading to learn how you can create effective to-do lists for the coming year. Don’t forget to save the template, fill it out and let’s get to work!

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self-care tips from ignite for post-finals

Post-finals self-care tips from IGNITE

12/11/20 2:54 PM

You did it! Finals week is over, your exams are completed and now it’s time to take a well-deserved break. We’re here to help you do some self-care as you unwind from classes and prepare for a new year of owning your political power. Keep reading to see how you can destress now that your semester is over.

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ABCs of elected office, photo of a city hall building

The ABCs of elected office

12/5/20 10:08 AM

Once elections pass and newly elected officials are sworn into office, that’s when our representatives get to work. But if you follow politics especially at the local level, you might hear titles being thrown around like “Commissioner” and “Lieutenant Governor”. What do those titles really mean? And what powers do those positions or offices hold? Keep reading to learn more about elected officials and offices at the state/local levels.

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