Four TED Talks to watch for AAPI Heritage Month

May is Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Every year, this is an opportunity to listen and learn about the diversity within AAPI communities as well as how deep the connections are to all facets of American history. This month is a celebration that every American should partake in. Since many AAPI individuals have been taught to assimilate, it can be difficult for some to take pride in their cultures and truly embrace their identities. But when they know that allies are willing to uplift AAPI stories, that makes it easier for everyone to understand that our differences are what makes us all beautiful and unique. Watch these TED Talks and learn more.

Asian Stereotypes - Rethinking Perceptions | Laura Li at TEDxKids@ElCajon

Asians are stereotyped everywhere, from media to school. This talk explores the overall problems that are faced from this experience, as well as helpful solutions to stop these perceptions.


Not Your Model Minority | Kelly Choi at TEDxUTAustin

What do you think of when the term Asian American is mentioned? Perhaps you think successful, driven, crazy rich, but these stereotypes could not be more wrong. Grouping the Asian American experience into the model minority label trivializes and undermines the individual struggles and experiences each Asian American has gone through. Kelly discusses the lack of Asian American voices in activism and civic engagement and the changes that need to be made to ensure that Asian American voices are present in rooms where change is happening.


Redefining Asian American Narratives Through Storytelling | Katerina Jeng and Krystie Mak at TEDxJHU

Frustrated by the lack of Asian American representation in mainstream media, co-founders Katerina Jeng and Krystie Mak started Slant’d, a media company that celebrates Asian American identity and the stories that make us human. Slant’d launched its inaugural issue in 2017 and is expanding into digital and in-person programming to build an intersectional community that boldly defies stereotypes, one story at a time.


I am not your Asian Stereotype | Canwen Xu at TEDxBoise

Growing up in the US in predominantly white communities, Canwen Xu struggled to reconcile her American and her Chinese identities. She explains the unique ways that racial bias affects Asian Americans — and shares how she has learned to embrace all of the different parts of her background. 
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