5 tips for creating a powerful political & professional network

Building a strong network can help you advance your career, develop your personal and professional skills and change your life. Keep reading to learn how you can build your network, cultivate connections and use your power. 

Use the power of social media 

Your social media platforms are a powerful tool for creating and building your connections. Think beyond LinkedIn. Remember, your social media accounts are your brand. Take a moment to make sure that your social media represents you the way you want it to. Then, use your social media to reach out to people you’re interested in starting a conversation with. Create a personalized message, share a little bit about yourself and your career aspirations and send that message. You got this! 

Attend virtual events to build connections with other professionals 

Another good way to network is also the simplest: be in a space with other professionals. That way, you’re bound to strike up a conversation with someone you can build a connection with. Town halls are another great place to speak with and get to know your local elected officials. When you join IGNITE, you get access to elected leaders and political professionals through our events. Check out our upcoming events

Be authentic, be honest, and be open 

At the end of the day, networking is a chance to grow both professionally and personally. It can include a give and take, and it takes time to build rapport with someone new. Make sure to communicate authentically and naturally and remember that this process can include rejection. Don’t give up! The people you network with are human too, and they can sometimes end up being your lifelong friends. 

Use your existing network 

Don’t be afraid to use the network you already have and ask for help. Take a moment to catch up with people you haven’t spoken to in awhile and see what they’re up to. The people you already have connections with can put you in touch with other people and those people can get you connected with other people. That’s the power of networking, you can continue to expand on what you’ve already built. 

Pay it forward 

As we mentioned earlier, networking includes a give and take. That means you have the power to help other people along their career path as well. There are people out there just like you who are looking to grow and strengthen their networks and connections too. You never know, sometimes when you introduce people to others, you might just be helping them make a life-changing choice that propels their career forward. 

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