Frequently Asked Questions: The IGNITE Fellowship

IGNITE Fellows are politically active local leaders who organize their communities to flex their political power. We've rounded up and answered your most pressing questions about the IGNITE Fellowship. 

Q: Can you still apply to be a Fellow in a region you’re not currently living in? I’m currently living in New York and want to apply for the position in Boston where I’ll be going to grad school.

A: This is not advised. Fellows should be connected to the community for which they are applying for and that includes being a part of the community. Fellows serve as the gatekeepers to best advise IGNITE on how to support the community with access to our resources. In short, you need to know the community you are serving.

Q: Do I have to be a US citizen in order to be a fellow?

A: All Fellows will need to demonstrate proof of work eligibility in the U.S. 

Q: What type of candidates are you looking for?

A: IGNITE is looking for women from across the ideological spectrum who are deeply motivated, take initiative, have organizing experience on college campuses and in their communities and have a proven track record of building new initiatives and sustained programming. We are specifically looking for young women who have a history of serving their communities through volunteer activities, internships, public office, or other civic engagement activities. Strong candidates will demonstrate experience in organizing and coalition building, civic engagement and political leadership with a deep commitment to advancing equal rights for women.

Blog covers part 2 (14)Q: Is this a paid fellowship?

A: IGNITE Fellows will be compensated with up to $12,000 with successful demonstration of bi-monthly benchmarks and engagement in IGNITE National meetings and training.

Q: What is the time commitment required for this fellowship? 

A: The fellowship runs from August 16, 2021 to June 30, 2022. During that time Fellows work 15 hours per week. 

Q: Will the mandatory training be remote for the 2021-2022 year? 

This year we will use a hybrid model for training. From August 16 - September 17, 2021 Fellows will launch the year with a month-long virtual kick-off training featuring political leadership training and meetings with prominent elected women leaders. From January - February 2022 Fellows will participate in midyear in-person regional retreats for support and additional training. In June 2022 the IGNITE Fellowship culminates in Washington D.C. where the cohort attends our annual national conference, Young Women Run. 

Q: How old do you have to be in order to be an IGNITE fellow?

A: 18+

Q: I am a high school student, can I apply to become a fellow?

Not at this time but High school students are more than welcome to engage in our events.  You also can apply for an internship with IGNITE. Learn more information here

Blog covers part 2 (18)Q: I identify as a person with a disability. Can I still apply to become a fellow?

IGNITE is committed to making reasonable accommodations for all employees. Anyone with disability-related barriers is encouraged to apply.

Q: How do fellows balance schoolwork or other jobs with the IGNITE fellow's work?

A: Many IGNITE fellows are currently in school or have other jobs. They balance their time commitments by communicating with direct supervisors, mapping out their priorities during 1:1 meetings with supervisors, using google calendar etc. We understand that we wear multiple hats. You will always have direct support as a fellow. 

Q: What challenges do you face in starting IGNITE in new communities or in returning cities?

A: Starting in a new community comes with a variety of challenges. Figure out where to do outreach and find young women who might be interested in IGNITE, reaching out to community members and elected officials to get them involved with IGNITE programming can also be challenging and intimidating. The great part about starting in a new community though is the fact that you are bringing something to young women who have never had the opportunity to participate in something like IGNITE before. You are also the one building these relationships from the ground up, and there is something very empowering about that. 

Q: Do fellows receive professional training 

A: Fellows will receive ongoing professional and leadership development throughout the year. These training will not only help them execute the work but also grow as a leader of their community. There will be trainings each quarter nationally and regionally. It is encouraged that fellows attend the trainings. 

Blog covers part 2 (19)Q: How do you present the idea of “IGNITE”?

A: IGNITE is a non-partisan organization that focuses on getting more women into elected office and political positions. Our political leaders consist of candidates for office, organizers, activists, campaign operatives, political staffers, policy makers, and so much more. Through IGNITE women have the opportunity to develop leadership skills, build connections with elected officials and find sisterhood with other young women on this same journey. IGNITE works by supporting local communities and institutions while offering opportunities to establish programming directly on a college campus or in the direct community, providing young women with training and multiple opportunities to be active politically on and off campus.

Q: I would love to be a fellow but I do not see my city listed as an option.

A: We are always working to expand fellow sites! Don't see your city on the list? sign up for notifications as we add new cities.

Q: If I’m not selected as a fellow, how can I stay engaged with IGNITE?

A: Join a chapter! Start a chapter! Join the college affiliate program! Attend IGNITE events! Learn more information here.

Q: I know someone who would make a great fellow! Can I share this opportunity with women I know? 

A: Of course!  Nominate a young woman in your life to become an IGNITE Fellow using this nomination form

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Visit our Fellowship page for more information. If you have any more questions related to the fellowship please contact our Fellow Program Manager, Alicia Smith:

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