Meet Britany Hernandez, IGNITE's 22-23 Las Vegas Fellow

Britany is IGNITE’s Las Vegas Fellow. She currently attends the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. She has served for the last three years as a Peer Facilitator for LYLC, an organization that focuses on helping high school students take control of their future and teaches them the value of being involved in their community. Britany is very passionate about helping students navigate the higher education system and find the leader within themselves. She strives to be a friend and mentor to all students. She also has experience in canvassing and organizing community events. In her previous position at UNLV, she created passive and active programs for Latinx and minority students on campus. These programs helped connect students with other departments and resources on campus, allowing students to feel supported on their academic and personal journeys. Following this position, Britany worked for a community organization that helps Latinx and working-class families in Nevada. Though all of these positions have been different, they all have one thing in common and that is to help build a better future for Nevadans. She plans to continue serving the great state of Nevada, whether that is through a political position, community organizing or conducting research. For Las Vegas inquiries, please contact Britany at

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